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Image by Max Kukurudziak

Send Humanitarian help directly to Ukraine 

Helping Civilians. Saving Lives.


When asked what I did during the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, I will say:

"I saved people!"

As the crisis continues to develop, humanitarian needs are multiplying and spreading by the hour.

Prior to this recent crisis, nearly 3 million people were already in need of humanitarian aid across Ukraine, including over 850,000 internally displaced people.

Particularly vulnerable groups include older people and people with disabilities who may be unable to flee from high-risk areas.
Women and children, who make up 90% of people fleeing the crisis, are at risk of gender-based violence and sexual exploitation and abuse. 

30% of Ukrainians in need are elderly—making Ukraine one of the “oldest” humanitarian crises in the world.



18 million impacted

12 million need humanitarian aid

The side of military aggression we often don’t see is the human side. Families across Ukraine have lost their homes, their livelihoods and their hope.

People in besieged cities make an extraordinary effort to help each other survive.

Hundreds of thousands are trapped underground or in their apartments with no water, electricity or food.

Volunteers risk their lives every day to deliver basic necessities for survival under constant shooting and explosions. Thus far they also mostly cover expenses from their own pockets, but their pockets are not deep.

This platform is meant to help provide funds for food, medications and gasoline directly to volunteers on the ground and aid in alleviating the humanitarian catastrophe Ukraine has faced.

Image by Elena Mozhvilo
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Our Team

Join our mission. Send aid directly to Ukraine.

Unfortunately, at the moment a very large portion of humanitarian support, organized by western non-profit organizations does NOT reach Ukrainian civilians. We work directly with the volunteers we know and can vouch for. Some of the volunteers are able to share their efforts via social media, others only send pictures and receipts. 

By making any effort in the form of a repost or by donating even a small amount, you are directly supporting heroic residents across Ukraine: from the besieged Mariupol, Kharkiv and Chernihiv; to unknown yet desperately suffering towns like Volnovakha. This is an opportunity to do something tangible... something that will alleviate human suffering at the time of this terrible tragedy in Ukraine.

This is the most effective way to help people in the besieged cities. 

Image by Eugene
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