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From the first days of war, residents of Mariupol have been living under the shelling, cut out from any provisions, and with no help from the outside world.

Meet Our Volunteers

Aliona Symonova 

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Hello everyone. My name is Aliona Symonova and I’m from Mariupol, Ukraine.


After losing contact with my parents in early March, I became a volunteer to help coordinate independent evacuations of Mariupol in hopes to find them.


I was able to find and organize drivers for more than 10 cars and vans. We were able to help 35 people out of the city and continue to work everyday.


Because of your generous donations we are able to buy vehicles, fuel and help the brave drivers willing to risk everything to save lives.


I feel this is the most important work of my life. Help us save the people of Mariupol.

Mikhail Purshev

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 During my first trip to Mariupol, heavy shelling and extremely dangerous conditions forced me to stay for 6 days in the bomb shelter. I made daily trips to check on people in other shelters and deliver essentials when possible.
On my next trip, I brought along a friend and with two mini-buses we managed to bring food and water to hundreds and evacuate more people. On my third trip, we organized a convoy of other volunteer drivers and civilians hoping
to save their families from the living hell Mariupol turned into.

Over the weeks, we helped evacuate over 10,000 people by organizing more trips, supporting volunteer groups with information on routes and safety. Now that we cannot enter the city anymore, we started this project to support people we evacuated with long-term housing in Ukraine.

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